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(discover the importance of correctly integrating Facebook with your Klaviyo email marketing program)

The integration of these two tools can be very useful for two main reasons:

you will be able to create paid advertising campaigns using audiences from your Klaviyo lists

you will be able to create email campaigns with lists that come from Facebook lead capture campaigns

We will focus above all on the first advantage. Before we start, let's see how to integrate these two platforms:

You must enter Klaviyo and go to the part where your profile name appears (bottom left) and then click on Integrations


then click on All Integrations and look for the Facebook one (you could see it directly) and then click on Add Integration

on the next page click on the Connect to Facebook Advertising button and it will redirect you to Facebook to authorize the integration


You may be asked to accept Facebook's terms

You need to confirm with your personal profile which is directly linked to your business account

It should ask you for several permissions and we recommend that you say yes to all of them, so that the synchronization is perfect

At the end of the process you will be sent back to Klaviyo where you will have to confirm the integration (check your name)


You'll be asked to choose which ad account you'd like to connect with to sync custom audiences. Select your business Facebook page, then click Connect to Account


If you choose Connect to Account, you will be asked to add a custom audience sync. Select a Klaviyo list or segment from the first drop-down menu, then select a Facebook Custom Audience from the second drop-down menu. You can create multiple custom audience syncs. The syncs you create must be one-to-one between Klaviyo lists or segments and Facebook Custom Audiences.


Once you've added your custom audiences, you can continue by clicking Continue to Lead Ad Settings for the second feature we explained above (Facebook leads), but we're not interested in that at the moment, so we can leave it like that and always focus on the first function.


Now it is important to copy the name of the Facebook Custom Audience that you want to use for your Facebook campaigns (in the same image above it would be the name with which you saved the klaviyo list on Facebook). This will help you create your target audience on Facebook. In the example above, let's imagine we want to use the first list, so we should copy the name New Klaviyo Audience 1.

Now all we have to do is create a manual Facebook campaign, so we can choose the target/objective audience; under where it says Create new Audience, you will see a bar where the Custom Audiences appear: you just have to enter the name of the audience you are interested in (in this case of the example New Klaviyo Audience 1) and that's it: the audience of this campaign it will be the one from the klaviyo list you just integrated. Further down in the document we leave you an image so you can see where to write the name of said audience.


Now all we have to do is continue creating our retargeting campaign, knowing that we will be targeting people who have signed up for our newsletter.

For optimal results, it would be advisable to EXCLUDE the audience made up of buyers from the last 15-30 days (or depending on the type of promotion you want to send) from this campaign, so that it focuses on those who are most likely to purchase something from us right now.

This type of campaign is particularly effective for promotions that last at least a week, because during this period you will be sure that everyone can see your message (you could also let them know that you sent them an email and to open it to find out about the promotion or offer). A typical example is Black Friday or sales (for example, you could create a list in Klaviyo with people who have not read the latest promotional emails and send them an ad with FB so they can read them).

If you are an attentive person, you will also have noticed that in this way we will be able to increase our Open Rate, therefore DOUBLE ADVANTAGE ;)

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