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(discover how to find the right calls for tenders for your online business)

Only for customers with tax domicile in Italy


At Consulting Ad Hoc we firmly believe that the management of economic resources is indispensable for companies to plan their development, integrating access to financial resources alternative to credit and venture capital into their strategies.

This conviction has led us to develop a range of services through which any type of business can secure financing to maintain and increase its competitiveness at local, national and European levels.

The financial instruments available today to implement such initiatives range from subsidised loans to tax breaks and non-repayable grants (find out how to find the right ones for you).

For this reason, we collaborate with a team of experienced professionals in the field who monitor institutional and information sources on an ongoing basis to obtain a daily updated overview of available financing opportunities; this in order to provide targeted, flexible and customised advice that takes into account the specific characteristics and needs of the client.

Aware of the central role of subsidised finance for the growth and development of the entrepreneurial fabric, we pay close attention to regulations, calls for tenders and eligible expenses for obtaining grants. Our office continuously monitors institutional and information sources to obtain an up-to-date overview of available financing opportunities on a daily basis.

We then carry out an analysis of each company's current situation and identify its development prospects: through a preliminary check-up, an investment programme is outlined that integrates access to grants with subsidised finance, maximising the recovery of planned expenditure.


It is important to assess not only access to a single specific call for tender for the recovery of a given investment, but also to consider the medium- and long-term planning of expenditure, depending on the benefits that can be obtained through access to alternative sources of financing to credit and venture capital.

Our consultancy is precisely geared towards finding the best combination of contributions that efficiently realises each company's online growth objectives.


Our collaborators carry out a preliminary check-up aimed at identifying the client's current situation as well as the future scenario regarding development and investment forecasts with the utmost precision; we then draw up all the necessary documentation for access to contributions, guaranteeing the necessary punctuality and absolute precision through all the stages of each project, right up to the final report.

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Facilitated Finance refers to the set of EU and national measures aimed at making financial instruments available to businesses at more advantageous conditions than market conditions, in order to encourage new projects, investment and the hiring of new staff.


The objective is to foster the development of the entrepreneurial fabric, increasing the competitiveness of existing enterprises and the emergence of innovative business realities. The European Union intervenes with the member states with a wide range of initiatives, and governments consistently issue laws, decrees and regulations to support business facilitation policies.

Local authorities pursue intervention policies, publishing numerous regional notices in particular in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises, working in the same direction, with regulations aimed at granting subsidies to healthy and deserving companies.

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