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(discover how to use social networks to achieve concrete results and sales)

Social networks continue to be the real protagonists of our daily lives. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone uses them (some more, some less). We should not make a discourse on its use as a person, but evaluate it as a means through which we can spread our brand, create quality traffic and obtain sales and potential customers.

Social media management is crucial in a world that revolves around it. Creating quality content (images and videos) that enhances your brand image has a direct effect on your turnover. At Consulting Ad Hoc, we offer social network management services that are adapted to our clients' needs: we can prepare a publication schedule according to the social media used and, when required, help you create actual content, thanks to our collaborating content creators (who have channels reaching half a million followers). 

Of course, our services are not limited to the organic part: we help our clients with paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram in order to bring quality traffic to their site and help them make more sales or find new customers.

If you want to know more about this service, you can write to us at or book a call with us on the following link.

If you want to know why you should be interested in social networks and why they are still so important for your online business, here are some interesting facts you might not have known.

In fact, according to the annual We Are Social report of 2022, the social networks most used by the 16-64 age group in Italy are:

  1. Whatsapp (used by +90% of the population)

  2. Facebook (despite losing ground, still counts +78% of the population)

  3. Instagram (+71% of the population)

  4. Facebook Messenger (+51% of the population)

  5. TikTok (tremendous growth already at +29% of the population)

  6. Twitter (almost 29% of the population)

  7. LinkedIn (almost 28% of the population)

  8. Pinterest (almost 28% of the population)

  9. Skype (almost 25% of the population)

  10. reddit (not even 8% of the population)


Basically, by putting two different social networks together, we almost certainly include the entire population, so we can potentially reach all the people we are interested in and who can buy into a website.

Now that we have these numbers clear, we can understand a little more why it is necessary to have a marketing strategy that also takes into account social networks and, in particular, Facebook and Instagram, which are the ones that give us the most opportunities from a sales perspective.

FB Ads - Ads - Learn how to see your competitors' ads and use them to better tailor your online marketing strategy and create ads with higher conversion rates. We explain this in this short video from our Youtube canal:

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