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(discover how to have an online presence and find new customers)

In 2023, you cannot do without an online presence.

Being found on search engines such as Google or on the main social channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube) was a competitive advantage a few years ago; now it has become a necessary requirement to survive in the market. 

This rule does not only apply to those who sell a product online with an ecommerce.

Even if you have a local business, you will have realised that if you want to find new customers, you must first be found on the Internet (also because if they don't find your business, they will find that of your competitors);

this means that every time a person searches for a product or service that your business offers, but finds your competitor's name online, that person will probably be lost forever.


Imagine instead that it is your business that appears to that person when they search for a certain product or service: in that case, you will have gained a new customer who will definitely buy that product or service from you.


At Consulting Ad Hoc, we can create the ideal situation for your business to not only have an online presence, but to be positioned ahead of your competitors, giving you the opportunity to increase your customer base and turnover and expand your business.


This can be achieved by creating a functional website, ecommerce or landing page, setting up a well-indexed Google profile, developing multimedia content in your channels, publishing online advertisements; or you can opt for integrating all these elements together to achieve the best possible result.

And if you are thinking of opening a new business or digitising it, you might be interested to know that there are various local, regional and national calls for tenders to help you. We don't deal with these ourselves, but work with experts in the field (to find out more, go to the following link)

As always, we provide some quick facts to really understand the importance of an online presence in 2023:

- last year the volume of online purchases reached almost EUR 50 billion (up 20 per cent by 2021)

- consumers increasingly trust a business that has a profile in Google and social networks

- more and more people, before making a purchase of a product or service, decide to look at reviews by previous customers

Furthermore, despite the importance of Google My Business in the development of an optimal online presence, most companies still do not take advantage of this powerful FREE tool. And this, it becomes a factor of diversification and competitive advantage if we consider that, more than 75 per cent of people who do a local search on Google, visit the place found within 24 hours of the search, and that almost 30 per cent of those same searches result in a sale.

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