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Sale Branding

(discover how to generate maximum profit through seasonal events)

Within a calendar year, there are several periods when you can achieve above-average results: we are talking about those events, such as Black Friday, Christmas, Sales, Women's Day or Easter, where with the right strategies you can increase your turnover exponentially. These are in fact events where people's propensity to spend exceeds average levels.

With our advice, you will be able to effectively prepare the strategy required to turn these seasonal events into periods of record turnover.


It is about understanding:

- the importance of knowing in advance which events and holidays are most important for your business and how to generate maximum profit through them (every business is unique and has seasonal events that are worth more than others)

- how to properly prepare Facebook and Instagram advertising and email marketing/SMS marketing campaigns to exponentially increase your turnover by up to 10x during these periods

campagne personalizzate di email marketing

One of the most characteristic examples of the above is Black Friday, which for some ecommerce is the 'craziest' discount period of the year and people know it. Indeed, this awareness has gone so far as to generate a veritable fad, in which people wait for this moment to give free rein to their desire to buy.


This trend is borne out by the fact that every year the amount spent during the Black Friday period is higher than the year before. And because we want to offer some data to back up this claim, we tell you that according to the "Informe Black Friday 2022" study carried out by Webloyalty, the forecasts for this 2022 point to a significant increase in online spending: 25% on Black Friday and 14% on Cyber Monday respectively. In fact, this study also predicts that the number of buyers will actually grow by 18% on Black Friday and 11% on Cyber Monday.

This means that when events of this type occur (and this also applies, in the case of some businesses, to Christmas, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, sales), one cannot simply stand still and do the same as one has done up to that point, waiting for customers to buy as they always do; but one must prepare oneself adequately and take full advantage of this great opportunity to collect as much as possible, especially if we have an online business (there are ecommerce stores that, on Black Friday alone for example, turnover more than in the entire summer season).


Imagine what you could do with your online business through a detailed guide explaining point by point what to do during these events to maximise results and sales. Keeping with the theme, for Black Friday we offer a programme in which, among many other things, we write the texts of around 20 different emails, so that you can directly use them in your campaign (of course with a little touch of personalisation, which never hurts to further increase your earnings).

In this video in Spanish by our Youtube Channel, we quickly explain why Black Friday is so important for ecommerce and why you should have a marketing strategy prepared for your Black Friday:

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