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Parallel Lines

(discover how to create a functional and well-positioned website)

Most company websites (be it a local business or an ecommerce) have no real impact on a company's turnover.

This sounds like a rash statement, but it is indeed the case.


The problem is that you do not understand what the function of that website is, and the worst thing is that your potential customers also have this perception: they enter your website (beautiful, of course), but then leave it because they cannot find what they are looking for, or the process to get to their goal is too long, or the elements that make them feel safe surfing and buying there are not there.



This is a more common situation than you might think. Surely you have asked yourself, "how come my ecommerce doesn't sell much?" or "how come people who enter my website don't contact me?"


The answer is simple:

"They made you a beautiful but non-functional website". 

When we say 'functional' we mean a site that performs its function, i.e. that leads the potential customer to take a certain action on that site (an action that can be a purchase or contact or whatever your site proposes). Put another way, a functional site leads the potential customer to become a customer.

At Consulting Ad Hoc we specialise precisely in creating sites that, while maintaining an appealing and innovative layout, retain all the important elements to GUIDE a person to a particular action. Furthermore, we know all the elements to give authority to your site, so that a person always feels secure. All this while guaranteeing fast performance and designs that can also be adapted to mobile versions.

Here are some features of the functional websites/ecommerce we create for our customers:

  • WIX hosting platform accessible by any person for future changes, with annual packages at 50% discount

  • client-oriented design to act directly on the sales funnel

  • presence of all essential trust badges to increase conversion rates and reduce resistance to action

  • efficient menu configuration and product pages with social proof strategy included

  • full customisation

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