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(discover how to generate revenue in your online business through email marketing)

One of the most important and underestimated things when running a successful online business that directly affects earnings (that's right, we are talking earnings and not just turnover) is email marketing in all its nuances.

In our customised course, we will look at all the ways in which content marketing can help you generate real gains; and, we can offer you a consultation to analyse your concrete case and determine together the best email marketing strategy for your business, planning an annual calendar. And if you don't have the time and want someone else to do the email marketing for you, you can always ask us to do it for you, and we will ensure excellent results, through the implementation of automated flows and customised email/SMS campaigns for your type of audience (always with the focus towards sales and increased turnover).

come creare campagne email efficaci

To fully understand the impact of content marketing we give you two simple facts:

- automatic email streams and email campaigns can generate up to 60-70% of your total revenue (at no cost)

- effective use of whatsapp and SMS can increase your revenue by up to 10X


Obviously, a good email marketing strategy is prepared through the study of data and must constantly adapt to changing data in order to achieve optimal results. Therefore, data analysis of both email campaigns and automatic email streams is crucial

In particular, the data you need to pay attention to are:

  • Open Rate (mail opening rate): normally it has to be at least 20% to be good, and 25% and above is better than average. Why is this important? First of all because Google assesses the authority of our email precisely on the basis of the open rate, and this means that the higher its value, the more chances we have that our email will arrive in the inbox instead of in SPAM; and then for an even more obvious reason, namely that the more people open the email, the more chances we have that the person will read its content and thus end up buying. At Consulting Ad Hoc, we have been able to create campaigns with an open rate of up to 50-60% for our clients, thanks to various techniques that we explain in our courses.

  • Click Rate (click-through rate within the email): normally in Italy it is around 3.3% and from 5% it is very good. Why is it important? Obviously if they click on the email it means they arrive at the landing page you have inserted and therefore it is likely that some of those people will end up buying. There are also various ways of increasing this value here (in some cases we have managed to increase it to 15%).

  • Paid Order Rate: In the end, the previous values only serve to increase the chances of completing the payment of an order and this does not depend on the email, but solely on the structure of the website and the techniques used to eliminate elements of resistance to purchase.

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