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(discover our courses designed to suit your specific needs)

At Consulting Ad Hoc, in addition to providing customised consultancy services to our clients, we also offer a variety of courses created and designed to enable you to achieve real results with your online business in complete autonomy.


All our courses are made up of different modules, each with unique characteristics that are best suited to certain situations/markets, and before they are chosen, assigned and delivered, they are modified and customised according to the client, in order to ensure better efficiency of execution and a greater chance of success. They also provide accompaniment through hours of call/video call with one of our experts.

Our approach allows us to help all our clients not only to improve their positioning in the territory where they are already present, contributing to a considerable increase in revenues and earnings, but also provides a solid basis for international expansion (in particular, we collaborate with companies and businesses operating in Italy and Spain, two similar markets, which are easy to enter through the appropriate advice).


For all these reasons we recommend book your FREE call now for more information on all the courses available and to find out which is the most suitable course to suit your specific needs. In the call we will give you tips on how to improve your online business right away and propose our offer to accompany you in this process.

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START PACK: for those who want to approach the world of online marketing without the constraint of the long term, but with the desire to get results immediately (particularly suitable for those who are still in the early stages of their ecommerce).

This is a customised 3-month course, which includes 12 hours of private consultancy and lessons on the following areas of digital marketing:

  • SEO and Web Content (positioning)

  • Reputation Management

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Social Media (all major ones)

  • Brand Awareness

  • Email marketing, Automatic Flows, SMS Campaign

PRO PACK: for those who are not afraid to commit to a long-term project to achieve even better and lasting results.

This is a customised 6-month course, which includes 26 hours of private consultancy and a whole series of lessons covering the following areas of digital marketing:

  • SEO e contenuti web (posizionamento)

  • Gestione reputazione + Extra

  • Strategie di marketing + Eventi

  • Social Media (tutti i principali)

  • Consapevolezza del marchio

  • Email marketing, Flussi automatici, campagna SMS

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corso online marketing digital ecommerce Consulting Ad Hoc - Ecommerce Specialists social

SOCIAL PACK: for those who want to learn more about social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest and Twitter) and improve their online image and reputation, so as to obtain organic traffic for their business. 

This is a specific course that includes a series of tips on how to make publications and how to increase followers quickly, even through paid campaigns (with just a few euros). In addition, 2 hours of private counselling are included.

LANGUAGE PACK: for those who want to expand their business on international markets, through translation services from and into any language, provided by professional translators (in collaboration with be.lingües):


  • blog translations

  • web translations

  • SEO-oriented translations

  • customised project management

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