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Winter Sales 2023
(find out how to get the most out of your winter sales strategy)

The winter sales this winter 2023 can be an important opportunity for online stores to increase sales and free up space for new products. A well-planned sales strategy can help attract new customers and retain existing ones, as well as improve brand awareness and generate greater online visibility.

Furthermore, remember that in an economic scenario like the one we are experiencing, many people are always waiting for offers and the possibility of purchasing something at cheaper prices. These premises clearly tell us that these are dates in which we must obtain excellent results and to do so we must make the most of them in the following way:


Offer attractive discounts: Discounts are an effective way to attract maximum customers during sales. Make sure the discounts you offer are attractive enough to motivate customers to purchase (we may discount just a few items or an entire collection or all products, depending on our business, but it's important to maintain margins).


Promote aggressively: Sales are a great opportunity to promote your products and make your online store more visible. ​Use various marketing channels, such as email, social media and online advertising, to announce your sales. This is where the trendy concept of omnichannel comes in: use any platform and any type of channel to reach your potential buyers, because if you don't, your competition will, so it's better to at least play evenly.


Offer free shipping or a gift with purchase: Customers often appreciate free shipping options or gifts with purchase. If you have followed our courses, you will surely have already configured the free shipping option and you will already know the thousand reasons why you need to do it (you can go back to that part or ask us). As for the gift, a lot will depend on the type of business you have and the type of offer presented at Christmas. Remember that no matter how long you make your audience wait, the sales cannot start later than the last week of January, so as not to hinder the other offers of the year and, at the same time, to maintain some consistency with the general market. All this means that the Christmas promotions (which for some will have reached the date of the Epiphany) will still be alive in the minds of our customers. For this reason it would be useless to propose the same gift. What we recommend for a perfect strategy is to cool things down a bit after January 6th, through "normal" email campaigns (new products or gifts starting from a certain purchase amount...) for about two weeks. After this period you will have the ideal preparation for your winter sales campaign, which can last two or three weeks and end with some emails that connect to the Valentine's Day event (so as not to leave anything out).


Offer an up-to-date product selection: Make sure you have an up-to-date and attractive product selection during sales. Customers appreciate new and fresh options, so it's important to often add new products or reorder existing ones, considering that many people tend to only look at the first products in your online store, so by moving things around a bit, it might be for some, as if I had updated the entire product catalog.


Finally, as always, remember to maintain a personal touch in the customer's purchasing experience, both at the level of email campaigns and at the level of the pre- and post-purchase process: offer exceptional customer service and make the purchasing experience the most pleasant possible. helps increase the loyalty of your customers and, consequently, the likelihood that they will return to your online store.

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