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Summer sales, like winter sales, can represent an important opportunity for online stores to increase sales and free up space for new products. A well-planned markdown strategy can help attract new customers and retain existing ones, as well as improve brand awareness and generate greater online visibility.
Furthermore, remember that in an economic scenario like the one we are experiencing, many people are always waiting for offers and the possibility of purchasing something at cheaper prices. Another reason why they are very important is that they normally help to increase invoicing in the months in which, for some types of business, there is little sales, because most people want to invest their money in holidays. Therefore, having an appetizing offer that pushes them to buy something could be very useful to continue to have a stable turnover over time.
These premises clearly tell us that these are dates in which we must obtain excellent results and to do so we must make the most of them in the following way:
Offer attractive discounts: Discounts are an effective way to attract customers during sales. Make sure the discounts you offer are attractive enough to motivate customers to purchase (we may discount just a few items or an entire collection or all products, depending on our business, but it's important to maintain margins).
Promote aggressively: Sales are a great opportunity to promote your products and make your online store more visible. Use various marketing channels, such as email, social media and online advertising, to announce your sales. This is where the trendy concept of omnichannel comes in: use any platform and any type of channel to reach your potential buyers, because if you don't, your competition will, so it's best to make things difficult for them.
Offer free shipping or a gift with purchase: Customers often appreciate free shipping options or gifts with purchase. If you have followed our courses, you will surely have already configured the free shipping option and you will already know the thousand reasons why you need to do it (you can go back to that part or ask us). As for the gift (optional) this could be very useful especially in the final part of the sales when people have already purchased and you want to give them that last push, by bidding on the offer (for example the last 3 days of sales, it could be said that, whoever buys at that moment, will be given a product as a gift (something of little value for you, but which can be valid for your customer, because in addition to the discount, you will also receive a gift, and this will work very well) well in terms of involvement. Another option for offering the gift can be to offer it only to those who bought, telling them that if they buy something else you will give it to them as a gift; or you can also simply segment your list by dividing who bought on sale and who didn't buy and you change the message by offering the same to everyone:
to those who bought on sale: "since you bought, if you make an additional purchase, you will bring a small gift, to reward you..."
to those who have NOT purchased on sale: "only for these last 3 days, if you buy something, you receive a gift"

Remember that summer sales should preferably take place between the months of July and August and should not last more than 3 weeks, although obviously, depending on the sector, you can change both the dates and their duration (the important thing is that you understand the schemes to follow to obtain good performance). At the same time, this period is also recommended to maintain some consistency with the general market.

Offer an up-to-date product selection: Make sure you have an up-to-date and attractive product selection during sales. Customers appreciate new and fresh options, so it's important to often add new products or reorder existing ones, considering that many people tend to only look at the first products in your online store, so by moving things around a bit, it might be for some, as if I had updated the entire product catalog.

Finally, and as always, remember to maintain a personal touch to the shopping experience both in your campaigns and in the pre- and post-purchase process: offer exceptional customer service and make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible. loyalty and increase the likelihood that they will return to your online store.

Now, as usual, we will show you our perfect summer sales campaign, including all the emails that we will have to prepare for our lists (for this event we will only have the Engagers 90 days list and the All Contacts list). As in other events, it is better to prepare everything in advance and schedule them so that nothing prevents you from getting your share of profits from these 2023 sales. For each email we will indicate the date and time of sending (which you can change depending on the your marketing calendar), the list to send each email to and an example of subject and text (also indicating where we would place the countdown and the CTAs, i.e. the buttons to redirect to the web - we will indicate you put them by putting the word in bold and you will have to connect this word with the link of your landing page). The only thing you will have to do is add images, modify the copy a little according to the peculiarities of your business and the discount (if you want to do it), put some sentences in bold, change the "words in quotes" with the correct formulas : for example, in Klaviyo, to put the name, you have to write:
{{ name_name|default:'' }}
Also, you will see how in an email we add the word SMS, because this is the only time you will have to accompany the email with an SMS to contacts whose phone number you have (if you have their permission). You can use any program to send the SMS - look for the cheapest one - we recommend Acumba → link: you just have to upload the list with the mobile number, configure the message text and plan the shipment. The only recommendation we can give you here is that if it is the first time you send SMS campaigns, do a test a few days before, because many times, for the first campaign they make you wait a few days before sending, but only the first half passes , so as we always say, go ahead and plan.

Furthermore, we also suggest that one day, in the middle of the campaign, you send a message via WhatsApp if you have access to your contacts with WhatsApp business, because it will be a very useful free "reminder" to avoid overloading your list with text messages.

EXTRA TRICK*: to save on sending the SMS, you can do one thing: filter the contact list from your email platform, eliminating those who have already placed an order and also those who have already opened at least 2 emails from the campaign balances, because This way you can save a lot of money. In fact, if all goes according to plan, out of all the emails you send almost 70% of your entire list will read the emails. And this means that they will not need an SMS because they already know the offer and have already seen it, so you can try to send SMS only to those 30% who have not read it yet, trying to explain to them that they have e- email to see the offer or by sending them directly to your website on the sales page. Sure, sending an SMS to everyone might help you get more sales, but as always we leave that up to you, depending on the budget you can spend at any given time.

Before going into detail about emails, keep two aspects in mind:
First, by sending more emails than usual, some contacts on your list may get angry and ask to unsubscribe from your emails or request, through the emails sent, to remove them from your list. If this happens, don't worry, because it is absolutely normal, but remember that we try to create lists so that they end up buying, and sales, like Black Friday and other events, are one of the times when more people buy, so it gives you the same as losing 100 contacts if others buy you for 10k.
Secondly, remember to disable smart sending in all emails, because if you don't disable it, some emails won't be sent (see image below).

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